Athens 2.1 – Now more versatile and user-friendly

We’re excited to roll out Athens version 2.1, our latest update packed with new features and improvements that make running your Shopify store more effective and enjoyable. This update is all about giving you more control and flexibility, while also enhancing the shopping experience for your customers. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in Athens 2.1:

New Sections for Dynamic Storefronts

  • Video Background Section: Bring your storefront to life with captivating video backgrounds. This new feature allows you to engage your customers visually right from the get-go.
  • Tabbed Content Section: Organize your content effectively with the new tabbed content section. This feature is perfect for showcasing product details, or any information in a compact, accessible format.

Enhanced Shopify Filters Integration

  • Shopify’s Filters “AND” Operator Support: We’ve added support for Shopify’s filters “AND” operator, giving you and your customers more precise control over product searches.
  • Visual Filters: Make product discovery even more intuitive with support for Shopify’s visual filters, enhancing the shopping experience with a more visual and interactive approach.

Customization and Flexibility Upgrades

  • Subheading Settings in Various Sections: Add more depth to your sections with the new subheading setting, providing you with additional ways to communicate with your audience.
  • Font Size Settings for Media with Text, and Rich Text Sections: Tailor your storefront’s typography with new font size settings for headings and texts in these sections, aligning them with your brand’s style.
  • Expandable Section: Heading Alignment Option: Gain more control over the layout with the new heading alignment option in the expandable section.
  • Slideshow Section: Secondary Button on Slides: Enhance your slideshows with a secondary call-to-action button, offering more interactive options for your customers.

Design Enhancements

  • Shape Selection for Color Swatch Buttons: Customize the shape of color swatch buttons to match your store’s design, adding a touch of personalization to the shopping experience.

Functional Improvements and Updates

  • Rich Text Section: No More Block Limit: We’ve removed the block limit in the Rich Text section, giving you unlimited blocks to express your brand’s message.
  • Improved Usability of Tabbed Sections in Shopify Editor: Editing your tabbed sections is now more intuitive and user-friendly in the Shopify editor.
  • Centered Announcement Bar Text: For a cleaner look, the announcement bar text will now be centered when there’s no menu or social icon on the right.

Fixes for a Smoother Experience

  • Image Banners Section: We’ve fixed the 1 column layout issue in the Image Banners section, ensuring it displays correctly across all devices.

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