Maranello 1.5: A Fresh update to enhance your Shopify store

We’re delighted to kick off 2024 with Maranello version 1.5, an update that introduces exciting new features, general enhancements, and full support for the latest Shopify functionalities. This update is tailored to not only improve the aesthetics of your store but also to streamline both the backend and frontend user experiences. Here’s what’s new in Maranello 1.5:

Brand New Sections for Greater Flexibility

  • Card List Section: Showcase your products or content in a fresh and engaging way with the new Card List section.
  • Tabbed Content Section: Efficiently organize and display your content in a clean, tabbed format, ideal for detailed product information, FAQs, and more.

Shopify Filters and Visual Enhancements

  • Shopify’s Filters “AND” Operator Support: Enhance your product search capabilities with support for Shopify’s advanced “AND” filter operator.
  • Visual Filters Integration: Offer a more intuitive shopping experience with the newly integrated visual filters from Shopify.

Design and Customization Updates

  • Color Swatches on Product Cards: Now you can display color swatches directly on product cards, making it easier for customers to view and select options.
  • XXL Heading and Subheading Settings: Customize your sections with newly added XXL heading size and subheading settings for more impactful visual displays.
  • Enhanced Featured Product and Media with Text Sections: Tailor these sections with new heading, subheading, and font size settings for a more personalized look.
  • Rich Text Section Improvements: Enjoy more flexibility with the removal of the block limit and new font size settings for headings and descriptions.
  • Expandable Section: Heading Alignment Option: Align your headings to match your store’s style with the new heading alignment option.
  • Slideshow Section: Secondary Button on Slides: Add an additional call-to-action on your slides to engage customers further.
  • Customizable Shape for Color Swatch Buttons: Personalize the shape of your color swatch buttons to better fit your store’s design.

Functional and Usability Enhancements

  • Improved Usability of Tabbed Sections in Shopify Editor: Experience a smoother and more intuitive editing process in the Shopify editor.
  • Centered Announcement Bar Text: For a neater look, the text in the announcement bar will now be centered when there’s no content on the right side.

Fixes for an Optimized Experience

  • Mobile Safari Quantity Button Misalignment: We’ve fixed the misalignment issue of the quantity plus button in Mobile Safari, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all devices.

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