Tokyo 1.1 – Fresh major update to our newest Shopify theme

We’re thrilled to announce the first major update to our newest Shopify theme, Tokyo! These enhancements are designed to boost your online store’s functionality, making it easier than ever to attract and engage customers. If you’re aiming to step up the user experience or just add some new flair to your store, we’re sure you’ll find these latest enhancements super helpful!

Brand new sections

  • Banner grid: A new versatile section for showcasing multiple banners with different layouts on your store. Each banner can feature an image, text, and a call-to-action button or link.
  • Simple collection list: A new flexible section that gives you the ability to showcase multiple collections in a simpler layout.
  • Scrolling elements section: Introduce dynamic content that scrolls, providing an engaging user experience.
  • Image hotspots: Create interactive images that reveal additional content or products when hovered over or clicked.

Enhanced Shopify Filters Integration

  • Visual filters: Introducing the support for images along with color swatches in visual filters. Learn more about how to set up visual filters in your store.

Design and customization updates

  • Backorder support for product availability: Communicate more effectively with customers about product availability, especially for backordered items.
  • Auto-Rotate the Features section on mobile: A new setting that ensures a smoother, more consistent display of features on mobile devices.
  • Contact section: Introducing a card component with image, title, description, and call to action settings.
  • Testimonials section: Now you have the ability to upload citation images for each testimonial.
  • Events section: Choose whether the content will be shown on the left or right of the events.
  • Background overlay and background opacity settings: In the Banners, Featured Banners, and other sections (Featured Collection, Expandable, Contact) you can now optimize the appearance of the title over the image by adjusting its background opacity or adding a background overlay.
  • Featured product section: Layout adjustments and addition of a title and subtitle.
  • Main product and Featured product sections: Added option to turn of product except.
  • Featured banners section: Added support for a carousel on desktop when there are more than four cards.
  • General font size updates: The section titles and subtitles now have a more balanced font size.

Performance update

Optimized lazy loading for images: Images in your sections now load more efficiently, which can speed up page loading times and improve overall site performance.

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