Tokyo 1.2 – New header layout, alternative product template, and new sections.

Our newest Shopify theme Tokyo just got a huge update. Enjoy a brand new header layout, an alternative product layout, all new rotating text bar and pop-up overlay sections, expanded mega menus, always-on sticky header, and numerous styling and bug fixes for a seamless experience! Let’s see them all in more detail:

Brand new sections and layouts

  • Alternative Header Layout: Switch up your store’s look with a new alternative header layout, giving you more design flexibility.
  • Alternative Product Template: Introduce variety to your product pages with a new alternative main product template, offering a fresh layout option for showcasing your products.
  • Pop-up Overlay Section: Engage your visitors with customizable pop-up overlays, perfect for announcements, promotions, or capturing leads.
  • Rotating Text Bar Section: Add dynamic rotating text bars to your site to highlight important messages or offers, ensuring they capture your customers’ attention.

New features and updates

  • Expanded Mega Menus: Now with support for more side items, making it easier to organize and showcase your product categories and collections.
  • Policy Page Consent Checkbox: Ensure compliance and build trust with customers by adding consent checkboxes in both the mini cart and main cart.
  • Navigation Badge Blocks: Highlight key menu items with navigation badge blocks for the main and mobile menus, perfect for new arrivals or special promotions.
  • Sticky Header Always On: Keep your navigation within easy reach at all times with the new “Sticky header always on” setting.
  • Product Grid Background Color: Enhance your product grid with support for background colors, adding a visual pop to your product listings.

Fixes for a smoother experience

  • Streamlined Font-Weight in Headings: Enjoy a more consistent and polished look with streamlined font-weight across all headings.
  • Add to Cart Button for Pre-Order and Backorder Products: The “Add to cart” button now correctly reads “Select options” for pre-order and backorder products with multiple variants.
  • Backorder Button/Badge Display: Resolved issues where backorder-able products did not display the correct buttons or badges when stock levels fell below zero.
  • Secondary Mega Menu Button: Fixed an issue where clicking on the mega menu arrow would clear the menu.
  • Placeholder Content Display: Fixed inconsistencies where some sections would not display placeholder content properly.
  • Multicolumn Card Links on Mobile: Corrected an issue where multicolumn card links would overlap on mobile devices, ensuring a clean and functional layout.

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