Tokyo 1.3 – New presets, sections, combined listings app support, native color swatches, and more

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our Tokyo theme – version 1.3 – which brings a suite of powerful new features and critical updates that will transform your Shopify store’s design and functionality. With this update, we’ve focused on adding support for Shopify’s upcoming combined listings app, native color swatches, new presets, better aesthetics, and enhanced usability to help your business stand out and deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Enhanced customization with native color swatches

The v1.3 update introduces support for native Shopify color swatches, allowing you to showcase your products in all available colors more vividly. This addition is perfect for stores with a wide range of product variations, enhancing customer interaction and simplifying their choices. Note: This feature is still being rolled out by Shopify and should be available to all at the beginning of July 2024.

Combined listings app support

Shopify Plus merchants will now be able to use Tokyo to use the upcoming Combined listings app by Shopify. The new app empowers merchants to create a product listing that combines all the different variations of a product into one centralized product listing. Each variation can have its very own image carousel, descriptive URL, and publishing controls.

Fresh visuals with new presets

Dive into our two new presets – “Beads” and “Wool”. Each preset offers a unique aesthetic that can instantly transform the look and feel of your store, providing a fresh vibe that resonates with your brand’s identity.

New Video Background section

Bring your storefront to life with the new video background section. This feature allows you to add dynamic, engaging backgrounds to different sections of your store, creating a captivating visual experience that draws customers in.

Refined Control Over Spacing and Text Size

We’ve expanded the customization options across the board:

  • Top Bar and Announcement bar: Add text size settings for better customization.
  • Page templates and blog: Uniform spacing settings enhance the layout consistency.
  • Banner section: New settings for card height and text size provide better control over your store’s visual hierarchy.

Bug Fixes and Removals

We’ve squashed some bugs for smoother functionality, including autoplay issues in sliders and layout fixes for mobile views.

Get Started with Tokyo 1.3

Upgrade to Tokyo 1.3 today and start exploring these new features. Whether you’re looking to refresh your store’s look with new presets, enhance product displays, or improve site navigation, Tokyo 1.3 is designed to elevate your online presence. Try Tokyo for free and see how it transforms your Shopify store.

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