Athens Changelog.

Version 1.10.0 - Zoom on hover

and custom product badges!

Added - Main/featured product section: Zoom on hover option.
Added - Add support for custom badges on product cards.
Added - Add collection grid section in initial onboarding content.
Added - Add WhatsApp icon and social media link setting.

Updated - Updated admin link for country/region configuration.

Fixed - Multicolumn section: Add missing translation.
Fixed - Empty link label in NL translation.
Fixed - Page title elements "page number" and "tagged" can now be localized.
Fixed - Fixed label of country/region selector checkbox.

Version 1.9.2 - This version addresses minor issues

making sure your shop is in tip-top shape!

Fixed - An issue where products in a slider would not equalize their dimensions when they had variable dimensions.
Fixed - The countdown timer’s section background gradient sometimes interfering with the section’s height.

Version 1.9.1 - New features

and a few minor fixes

Added - A pre-order template. Added new sections. So many things were added, that we should have named this version "added" instead of 1.9.0  
Added - New “Countdown Timer” section.
Added - New “Testimonials” section.
Added - New “Collection grid” section.
Added - Pre-order product template.
Added - Support for boolean collection filters.
Added - Color swatches on product cards.
Added - “XXL” heading size on the Banner list, Collection list, Promotion blocks, and Slideshow sections.
Added - Support for “Follow on Shop” functionality.
Added - “Gift card recipient” support for gift products.
Added - Featured Product section: Added Heading setting.
Added - Simple Collection List section: Added Heading size setting.

Updated - Store logo is now an H1 only on the home page.
Updated - Translations.

Fixed - Placeholder issues in EL and DE translations.

Version 1.8.2 - Slideshow enhancements

and more

Added - Slideshow section: Add “fade” animation type.
Added - Slideshow section: Add image preloading.

Updated - Theme settings: Set button default colors.
Updated - Translations.

Fixed - Search section: Search actions wouldn't get displayed if filtering was disabled.
Fixed - Collection grid section: Layout wouldn't become full width when no filters exist (i.e. when a collection has more than 5000 products).

Version 1.8.1 - New translations

Dutch & Brazilian

2 new translations and one minor (but very important) improvement

Added - Dutch translation
Added - Brazilian Portuguese translation

Updated - Adjust color of links inside header/mobile nav contact details

Version 1.8 - Codename: Electron

and a new section ;)

It's the little things that make everything better. Like the new preset "Electron" that you can use as a starting point. Or the really simple "Image banners" section, where you can display a bunch of images without a fuss. Heck, you can even show a page's contents in other pages. And of course all-round fixes and improvements. 

Added - New preset: Electron.
Added - New section: Image banners.
Added - Main collection section: Add setting to make the filters bar sticky on mobile.
Added - Main search section: Add setting to make the filters bar sticky on mobile.
Added - Rich text section: Alignment setting.
Added - Rich text section: Page block.
Added - Features section: "Icon size" setting.
Added - Support for free shipping messages on the cart and mini cart, and respective theme options.
Added - Option to have the entire card clickable on desktop on the Promotion blocks, Collection list, and Banner sections.

Fixed - Remove the header's bottom border in mobile when the navigation's border is turned off.
Fixed - Minor adjustment to Features icon alignment.
Fixed - Re-organized the Product Grid's options to be on par with the Main search section.

Updated - Translations.
Updated - Features section: Icons are center aligned when a feature block's title or description are empty
Updated - Color swatches on facets are now rendered via liquid, to avoid flash of unstyled content.

Version 1.7 - Color swatches

Because they are cool

Added - Implemented Header and Footer section groups.
Added - Subcollections sections in Collections and Brands template
Added - Color swatches
Added - Breadcrumbs structured data (JSON-LD)
Added - Added auxiliary announcement bar
Added - Support for Search Recommendations on predictive search.
Added - Sale badge mode: None.
Added - The footer's Text block image can now be linked.
Added - Added submenu support for the announcement bar's menu
Added - Added up to 4 text lines on the "Text" block for the main product and featured product sections
Added - Add color scheme for the filters bar in Search and Collection templates
Added - Add mobile image option in banner block
Added - Add options to remove border from Main navigation, Newsletter, and Announcement bar
Added - Add option to hide header and select columns on Blog templates

Fixed - Fix an issue where the top level variant options would be disabled if they contained unavailable variants.
Fixed - Breadcrumbs' "Home" and "Search" crumbs wouldn't get translated.

Updated - Translations.
Updated - Revert positioning of "Inc. VAT" badge on mobile
Updated - Remove box shadow from header global search and newsletter inputs when using an accent color scheme
Updated - Make the slideshow behave like a banner when only one slide is selected

Version 1.6.1 - Set up Athens in your own language!


Added - Back-end (schema) translations for German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), and Italian (it).

Version 1.6 - Focal points

and a few additional improvements

Freshly baked Focal Point support will make sure that your visitors will always be seeing the most important point of your images. A few additional improvements were made here and there, to make your experience (and your website) better. 

Added - Add support for image focal points.
Added - Add Social media icons in the announcement bar section of the header.
Added - Add custom link override in brands section.

Updated - Update responsive wrappers for tables and iframes in the theme editor when it refreshes.
Updated - Improve accessibility of expandable facets.
Updated - Improve accessibility of brand cards.
Updated - Improve accessibility of dropdowns.
Updated - Make all cards entirely clickable on mobile by default.
Updated - Optimize width of product cards for related products and custom product recommendations.
Updated - Change markup of multicolumn section to "div".

Fixed - Collection Tabs section: Fix appearance of tab buttons when buttons are outlined and the section is using an accent color scheme.
Fixed - Main collection/search product grid: Price filter facet wouldn't get collapsed by default, when appearing after the 5 first most important filters.
Fixed - Fix svg logo vertical alignment.
Fixed - Don't show "order by" when there is only one product/result.
Fixed - Facets' "show more/less" are now properly translated.
Fixed - Fix appearance of header global search button when header in mobile is using "accent 1" color scheme.
Fixed - Hide the "back to top" button earlier.

Version 1.5 - Go international!

5 languages and some minor improvements.

Added - German translations.
Added - Greek translations.
Added - Spanish translations.
Added - French translations.
Added - Italian translations.
Added - Arrows on product thumbnail carousel.
Added - Add collection tab custom labels.
Added - Support for 5 columns on product grids.

Updated - Update mini cart buttons to accommodate for larger labels.
Updated - Update stock product badges to accommodate for larger labels.

Fixed - Fix an issue where the brands and simple collection list section would not load the card stylesheet.
Fixed - Fix small height issue on the last card of some mosaic variations.
Fixed - Fix promotion block appearance in mobile on some mosaic variations.

Version 1.4.1 - This version fixes some minor issues

to make sure your shop is in tip-top shape!

Fixed - Fixed an issue where the overlay gradient would not be applied on the Collection list section cards when in "Grid" layout.
Fixed - Update overlay gradient CSS so that it doesn't render when it is empty.
Fixed - Moved button link options below their respective button labels.
Fixed - Made titles clickable in cards.
Fixed - Adjusted cards clickable areas.

Version 1.4 - More flexible

and a few bug fixes

Added - "Promotion blocks" section.
Added - "Custom Related Products" section to show the theme's custom related products (fixed, or based on metafields).
Added - Main collection product grid: Setting to turn off title.
Added - Main search product grid: Setting to turn off search terms / result count.
Added - Main product section: "Complementary products" block.
Added - Main product section: Text block: Icon control.
Added - Main product section: Expandable block: Option to start as expanded by default.
Added - Main product section: Liquid block: Added title and icon options. When a title or an icon is set, it becomes expandable (only when positioned on the left).
Added - Announcement bar section: Top / Bottom Spacing options.
Added - Banner List section: Gradient overlay, Heading size, Content position, Button settings (plus mobile layout equivalents).
Added - Collection List section: Gradient overlay, Heading size, Content position, Button settings (plus mobile layout equivalents).
Added - Collection Tabs section: Support for hand-picked products.
Added - Features sections: "Stack on mobile" setting.
Added - Featured collection section: Support for hand-picked products.
Added - Featured product section: Liquid block: Added title and icon options.
Added - Header section: Top / Bottom Spacing options.
Added - Header section: Menu/mobile menu typography setting.
Added - Header section: SVG Logo option.
Added - Newsletter section: Available for use in any template.
Added - Predictive search: Results now have result type titles before the respective results (e.g. Collections, Pages, etc).
Added - Rich text section: Background image and gradient overlay setting.
Added - Slideshow section: Mobile image, Title size, Text color, Gradient overlay.
Added - Theme options: Button settings: Style, Shape, Font (Settings → Buttons).
Added - Theme options: Primary and Secondary button colors (Settings → Colors).
Added - Theme options: Add to cart button style (Settings → Product grid). 
Added - Theme options: Product title font option (Settings → Product grid).
Added - New icons: Activity, Aperture, Assembly, Award, Box 2, Certificate, Disabled, Refund-Receipt, Truck.
Added - New stock availability string when the quantity is untracked or "continue selling" is enabled. By default is still "In Stock" but can be changed from the languages page under Products > Product Availability > Always in stock.

Changed - The theme's custom related products (based on metafields) have been moved from the "Product Recommendations" section to "Custom Related Products" (available only on the product template).
Changed - Removed accent color from button icons.
Changed - Featured collection: Moved "Number of products" under "Select collection".
Changed - Featured collection: Moved "Overlay background" under "Image".

Fixed - Show provinces according to country selected when creating/updating addresses.
Fixed - Main product section: Expandable block: Don't show block if there is no content (Text).
Fixed - Stock availability text would not get updated properly on variations, when "Show number of items" was enabled.
Fixed - Newsletter section: Consent text is now rich text (can have links and basic formatting).
Fixed - Fix color scheme of quantity input on Featured Products placeholder.
Fixed - Changed slide subheading to richtext.

Version 1.3 - New theme style

and quite a few new features

Added - Theme style "Pharm".
Added - AJAX pagination in products grid and search template.
Added - "Simple collection list" section.
Added - "Map" section.
Added - "Features" section on the header.
Added - Theme settings: Added "scroll to top" button option.
Added - Theme settings: Added "Show number of items" option, to display the number of in-stock items available.
Added - Product sections: Display Barcode field in the Title block.
Added - Product sections: Hide unavailable variants, and added option to hide or disable out-of-stock variants.
Added - Product section: Custom Liquid block position option.
Added - Featured Product section: Custom Liquid block.
Added - Multicolumn section: Custom image width option on blocks.
Added - Newsletter section: Added consent checkbox option.
Added - Collection banner section: Option to make the description fullwidth.
Added - Collection banner section: Gradient opacity control.
Added - Product section: Color scheme selector on the Text block.
Added - Collection list page: 2 columns option.
Added - Features sections: Inline mode.
Added - Image ratio option "Landscape" on all sections that have a ratio option.
Added - Option to open mobile menu submenus by clicking on the arrow only.

Fixed - Show search term on search results texts.
Fixed - Adjust long tables in RTE content.
Fixed - Justify center brand cards.
Fixed - Empty collections now show the banner section.
Fixed - Handle wider logos better in mobile.
Fixed - Fixed catalog mode internationalization.
Fixed - Newsletter gaps in mobile.
Fixed - Update animations on link hovers.
Fixed - Revert to 1:1 in mobile for banner and collection list cards that are landscape.
Fixed - Featured Product section: Collection card wouldn't show the collection's description.
Fixed - Product section: Custom Liquid block would output elements even if empty.

Version 1.2 - New features

and some bug fixes

Fixed - Always load Slideshow assets in the Theme editor page.
Fixed - Slideshow alignment issues.
Fixed - A whitespace issue in the search bar.
Fixed - Minor typography issues.
Fixed - Minor stylistic issues.
Fixed - Improved wording of some options.
Fixed - Issues in various sections with 2col and 1col on tablet.
Fixed - Fixed issue in search page's ajax results, when no results would be returned.

Added - Theme style “Spoke”.
Added - “Add to cart” button on product cards. Can be enabled via a theme option.
Added - “Hide single variant” option on the Variant Picker block of the Single/Featured product sections.
Added - Full width page template.
Added - In the Featured Collection section, the collection card can bow be customized by overriding individual values (image, title, description, etc).
Added - Card Ratio option in the Banner List and Collection List sections.
Added - Catalog mode. Can be enabled via a theme option.
Added - Custom image size on footer's text block.

Version 1.1.1 - Welcome to Athens

Initial release

This version contains the default preset.