Version 1.3 - New theme style

and quite a few new features

Added - Theme style "Pharm".
Added - AJAX pagination in products grid and search template.
Added - "Simple collection list" section.
Added - "Map" section.
Added - "Features" section on the header.
Added - Theme settings: Added "scroll to top" button option.
Added - Theme settings: Added "Show number of items" option, to display the number of in-stock items available.
Added - Product sections: Display Barcode field in the Title block.
Added - Product sections: Hide unavailable variants, and added option to hide or disable out-of-stock variants.
Added - Product section: Custom Liquid block position option.
Added - Featured Product section: Custom Liquid block.
Added - Multicolumn section: Custom image width option on blocks.
Added - Newsletter section: Added consent checkbox option.
Added - Collection banner section: Option to make the description fullwidth.
Added - Collection banner section: Gradient opacity control.
Added - Product section: Color scheme selector on the Text block.
Added - Collection list page: 2 columns option.
Added - Features sections: Inline mode.
Added - Image ratio option "Landscape" on all sections that have a ratio option.
Added - Option to open mobile menu submenus by clicking on the arrow only.

Fixed - Show search term on search results texts.
Fixed - Adjust long tables in RTE content.
Fixed - Justify center brand cards.
Fixed - Empty collections now show the banner section.
Fixed - Handle wider logos better in mobile.
Fixed - Fixed catalog mode internationalization.
Fixed - Newsletter gaps in mobile.
Fixed - Update animations on link hovers.
Fixed - Revert to 1:1 in mobile for banner and collection list cards that are landscape.
Fixed - Featured Product section: Collection card wouldn't show the collection's description.
Fixed - Product section: Custom Liquid block would output elements even if empty.

Version 1.2 - New features

and some bug fixes

Fixed - Always load Slideshow assets in the Theme editor page.
Fixed - Slideshow alignment issues.
Fixed - A whitespace issue in the search bar.
Fixed - Minor typography issues.
Fixed - Minor stylistic issues.
Fixed - Improved wording of some options.
Fixed - Issues in various sections with 2col and 1col on tablet.
Fixed - Fixed issue in search page's ajax results, when no results would be returned.

Added - Theme style “Spoke”.
Added - “Add to cart” button on product cards. Can be enabled via a theme option.
Added - “Hide single variant” option on the Variant Picker block of the Single/Featured product sections.
Added - Full width page template.
Added - In the Featured Collection section, the collection card can bow be customized by overriding individual values (image, title, description, etc).
Added - Card Ratio option in the Banner List and Collection List sections.
Added - Catalog mode. Can be enabled via a theme option.
Added - Custom image size on footer's text block.

Version 1.1.1 - Welcome to Athens

Initial release

This version contains the default preset.