Maranello Changelog.

Version 1.6 - New preset!

The second installment of updates in 2024 brings you 5 brand new sections, a new preset, support for visual filters and backorder support. As always, you can find additions and improvements all over the place!

Added - "Sleek" preset.
Added - "Image hotspot" section.
Added - "Tabbed media with text" section.
Added - "Image banners" section.
Added - "Scrolling elements" section.
Added - "Testimonials" section.
Added - Multicolumn section: Added content alignment setting.
Added - Features section: Added mobile auto-rotate setting.
Added - Collection banner section: Added setting to hide the collection banner's heading.
Added - Map section: Added image setting.
Added - Added support for visual filters.
Added - Added styles for Shopify's subscription app.
Added - Backorder support on availability badges and Add to cart button. Refer to the documentation to set it up.

Updated - Show number of items in stock, even if "continue selling" is enabled.
Updated - Remove visually hidden collection title text.
Updated - Improve image lazy loading.
Updated - Update default spacing values.
Updated - Optimized lazy loading on section images.
Updated - Update review apps support.

Fixed - Fixed the cardItemRemove event from not firing when products are removed via setting the quantity to 0.
Fixed - Presets should not affect swatches options.
Fixed - Fixed mobile menu icon color when buttons are outlined.
Fixed - Fixed product modal persisting in the editor after removing the featured product section.
Fixed - Do not hide the filters section in collections when there is an active menu.
Fixed - Fixed z-index of zoom thumbnail.
Fixed - Fixed slideshow fade mode issue with 2 slides.
Fixed - Fixed link to /admin/menus in Spanish and Italian translations.
Fixed - Sales badge would sometimes render wrong percentages.

Version 1.5.0 - New features for 2024

The first installment of updates in 2024 brings you two brand new sections, a variety of general improvements, and support for Shopify's latest features.

Added - New "Card list" section.
Added - New "Tabbed content" section.
Added - Support for Shopify's filters "AND" operator.
Added - Support for Shopify's Visual filters.
Added - Color swatches support on product cards.
Added - Various sections: Added XXL heading size settings.
Added - Various sections: Added subheading setting.
Added - Featured Product section: Added heading and subheading settings.
Added - Media with Text section: Heading and text font size settings.
Added - Rich Text section: Heading and description font size settings.
Added - Expandable section: Heading alignment option.
Added - Slideshow section: Secondary button on slides.
Added - Shape selection setting for color swatch buttons.

Updated - Improve usability of tabbed sections in the Shopify editor.
Updated - Rich Text section: Remove limit of blocks.
Updated - Announcement bar section: Center the Announcement bar text when there is no content on the right.

Fixed - Fixed quantity plus button misalignment in mobile safari.

Version 1.4.0 - Custom badges, more review apps support

and a whole lotta more additions

Added - Custom badges support.
Added - Support for, Stamped, and Yotpo review apps.
Added - Discount option if it exists in the header cart drawer.
Added - Image disclaimer setting for main product and featured product sections.
Added - Font size and color settings for prices (grid and single product).
Added - Option to hide empty filters instead of disabling them in collections and search page.
Added - Option to hide ratings when no reviews exist on product cards and product pages.
Added - "X" icon as an alternative to the twitter bird.
Added - Option to select an icon for the product's description block.
Added - "Info" icon on all icon settings.
Added - Option to hide the page title for page templates.
Added - "None" option in product that disabled the image zooming functionality.
Added - "Time to read" block in blog posts.

Updated - Increased the maximum products shown to 48.
Updated - Translations.

Fixed - Fixed an issue where the cart would not display errors correctly.
Fixed - Removed bottom margin of last paragraphs in table cells and lists in rich text.
Fixed - Fixed an issue where the multicolumn section under a certain card type would interfere with mouse clicks.

Version 1.3.0 - Zoom on hover

and WhatsApp social icon

Added - Add Zoom on hover functionality for main product images.
Added - Add WhatsApp icon and social media setting.

Updated - Update country/region selector internal link to point to "Markets".
Updated - Make product details download links (e.g. pdfs) open in a new window.

Fixed - Multicolumn section: Fill in missing section title translation string.
Fixed - Page title elements "page number" and "tagged" can now be localized.

Version 1.2 - Maranello Records

and translations

Added - "Records" theme preset.
Added - Translations: DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT-BR.
Added - Added button color scheme setting in search, collection, and product variants.
Added - Collection product grid section: Added "compact" product card type, which lists products in compact rows.

Updated - Color scheme updates.
Updated - Make the logo h1 only on the homepage.
Updated - Filter section: Move JavaScript to be in its own file.

Fixed - Featured product section: Layout issue for out of stock products.
Fixed - Fixed LD+JSON in featured / main product sections.

Version 1.1.2 - Welcome to Maranello

Initial release

Initial release