Tokyo Changelog.

Version 1.1 - New sections

The first major update of Tokyo brings 4 new sections, support for visual filters, and many, many other additions and improvements.

Added - "Banner grid" section.
Added - "Simple collection list" section.
Added - "Scrolling elements" section.
Added - "Image hotspots" section.
Added - Featured banners section: Added background overlay setting.
Added - Featured banners section: Add card carousel when there are more than 4 cards.
Added - Contact section: Added content card settings.
Added - Events section: Added Content position setting.
Added - Featured product section: Added heading and subheading settings.
Added - Features sections: Add auto-rotate setting for mobile.
Added - Testimonials section: Added citation image setting.
Added - Expandable, Banners, Contact, and Featured collection sections: Add background opacity setting.
Added - Main product and Featured product sections: Added option to turn of product except.
Added - Add support for visual filters (images).
Added - Added border around products in sections.
Added - Backorder support on availability badges and Add to cart button. Refer to the documentation to set it up.

Updated - Show number of items in stock, even if "continue selling" is enabled.
Updated - Optimize font size of section titles and subtitles.
Updated - Remove redundant texts.
Updated - Update Featured product layout to classic.
Updated - Improve image lazy loading.
Updated - Update headings' color in slideshow section.
Updated - Remove visually hidden collection title text.
Updated - Prevent outlined badges from wrapping their text.
Updated - Add white background in the product's gallery.
Updated - Reduce card padding in the Brands section when 5+ columns.
Updated - Streamline heading weights in the Features section.
Updated - Make the text smaller in the "Small" layout setting on the Features section.
Updated - Center align the text in buttons.

Fixed - Swatches options should not get affected by presets.
Fixed - Fixed Featured collection section's card override image.
Fixed - Fixed the "Entire card is clickable" setting of banner cards.
Fixed - Fixed z-index of zoom thumbnail.

Version 1.0.2 - Go international!

This version (1.0.2) adds translations for 6 languages, and adds some minor improvements.

Added - German (de) translations.
Added - Spanish (es) translations.
Added - French (fr) translations.
Added - Italian (it) translations.
Added - Dutch (nl) translations.
Added - Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translations.

Updated - Improve rendering of countdown.
Updated - Update bottom spacing of card product details.

Version 1.0.1 - Welcome to Tokyo

Sell, educate & connect.

Initial release