Tokyo Changelog.

Version 1.3 - New theme presets

Lots of additions with this release. Among them, support for native color swatches, combined listings, new theme presets are waiting for you to try, as well as countless other settings and improvements.

Added - Add support for native Shopify color swatches.
Added - Combined listings app support.
Added - New Preset "Beads".
Added - New Preset "Wool".
Added - New Video background section.
Added - Add spacing settings to the product section.
Added - Add text size setting to top bar section.
Added - Add spacing settings on all page templates.
Added - Add card height setting on the Banner Grid section.
Added - Add text size setting in Rotating text bar section.
Added - Add text size setting in Annoucement bar section.
Added - Add heading and text size settings in Multicolumn section.
Added - Add border around active product thumbnail.
Added - Add spacing setting on blog header.

Updated - New and improved starter templates.
Updated - Improve Scrolling elements section.
Updated - Update vendor collection image width in collection banner.
Updated - Update secondary button colors on accent 2 color scheme.
Updated - Handle featured collection sticky card when the header is always sticky.
Updated - Update padding on the Featured Banners section when it's empty of cards.
Updated - Adjust header shadow when it's always sticky.
Updated - Streamline heading sizes.
Updated - Product grid buttons are now all the same color.
Updated - Streamline slideshow arrow colors.
Updated - Improve font weights on facet and expandable titles.
Updated - Remove box shadow from alternative sticky header.

Fixed - Features autoplay when slider mode.
Fixed - Fix matching collection link in main product template.
Fixed - Fix image banner position in main product title.
Fixed - Fix slideshow button positioning in mobile.
Fixed - Remove white background from mega menu side items.

Removed - Remove arrow icon from featured collection card.

Version 1.2 - The one with the pop-up

All new Rotating text bar and Pop-up overlay sections, an alternative product template as well as a new header layout, plus expanded mega menus, always-on sticky header, and numerous styling and bug fixes for a seamless experience!

Added - Add new "Rotating text bar" section.
Added - Add new "Pop-up overlay" section.
Added - New main product template (Alternative).
Added - Alternative header layout.
Added - Add typography options for collection filters.
Added - Setting to remove border from breadcrumbs.
Added - Add support for more side items on mega menus.
Added - Add "Learn more" button on all show rating setting infos.
Added - Add "All products" template settings (hero visibility, description, description size).
Added - Add "Sticky header always on" setting.
Added - Add menu item badges.
Added - Add policy page consent checkbox in mini cart and main cart.

Updated - Streamline font-weight in headings.
Updated - Update main product grid to support background color.
Updated - Update font size of header features section.
Updated - Adjust account/minicart border radius.

Fixed - Add to cart button should read "Select options" on product cards for pre-order and backorder products with multiple variants.
Fixed - Wrong product recommendations translation in German.
Fixed - Backorder-able products would not display correct backorder buttons/badges when stock fell below 0.
Fixed - Some sections would sometimes not display the placeholder content properly.
Fixed - Fix an issue where the Multicolumn card links would overlap on mobile.
Fixed - Fix a z-index issue with the slideshow arrows.

Version 1.1 - New sections

The first major update of Tokyo brings 4 new sections, support for visual filters, and many, many other additions and improvements.

Added - "Banner grid" section.
Added - "Simple collection list" section.
Added - "Scrolling elements" section.
Added - "Image hotspots" section.
Added - Featured banners section: Added background overlay setting.
Added - Featured banners section: Add card carousel when there are more than 4 cards.
Added - Contact section: Added content card settings.
Added - Events section: Added Content position setting.
Added - Featured product section: Added heading and subheading settings.
Added - Features sections: Add auto-rotate setting for mobile.
Added - Testimonials section: Added citation image setting.
Added - Expandable, Banners, Contact, and Featured collection sections: Add background opacity setting.
Added - Main product and Featured product sections: Added option to turn of product except.
Added - Add support for visual filters (images).
Added - Added border around products in sections.
Added - Backorder support on availability badges and Add to cart button. Refer to the documentation to set it up.

Updated - Show number of items in stock, even if "continue selling" is enabled.
Updated - Optimize font size of section titles and subtitles.
Updated - Remove redundant texts.
Updated - Update Featured product layout to classic.
Updated - Improve image lazy loading.
Updated - Update headings' color in slideshow section.
Updated - Remove visually hidden collection title text.
Updated - Prevent outlined badges from wrapping their text.
Updated - Add white background in the product's gallery.
Updated - Reduce card padding in the Brands section when 5+ columns.
Updated - Streamline heading weights in the Features section.
Updated - Make the text smaller in the "Small" layout setting on the Features section.
Updated - Center align the text in buttons.

Fixed - Swatches options should not get affected by presets.
Fixed - Fixed Featured collection section's card override image.
Fixed - Fixed the "Entire card is clickable" setting of banner cards.
Fixed - Fixed z-index of zoom thumbnail.

Version 1.0.2 - Go international!

This version (1.0.2) adds translations for 6 languages, and adds some minor improvements.

Added - German (de) translations.
Added - Spanish (es) translations.
Added - French (fr) translations.
Added - Italian (it) translations.
Added - Dutch (nl) translations.
Added - Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translations.

Updated - Improve rendering of countdown.
Updated - Update bottom spacing of card product details.

Version 1.0.1 - Welcome to Tokyo

Sell, educate & connect.

Initial release