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Product page

This template provides the default layout for each one of your store’s products. It is applied automatically to any new product created under Products from your Shopify Admin.

Template contents

The product template consists of two sections:

1. Product information

The product information section pulls all the information provided during product creation and uses them to create the product’s layout.

Title: The title block by default will also display the vendorstock status, SKU, and barcode. You can also set it to display the product’s rating (learn how to set up product ratings here).

Text: The text section by default is populated dynamically by the Product subtitle field, optionally displayed under the title. This field is a “dynamic source” field and can be configured to display other values, read more on dynamic sources here. The text section also comes with a Color Scheme setting that can be used to make product text sections stand out.

Price: This block displays the product’s price and has no configuration options.

Variant picker: If the product has any variations buttons will appear for the user to select the variation they prefer. A drop down variation selector is available as well. The variant picker block also allows you to hide the variation picker when your product has just one product available (via the “Hide single variant” toggle) and also allow you to decide what to do with out of stock variants: Show, hide, or disable them (via the “Out of stock variants” setting).

Buy buttons: The buy buttons group displays a quantity input, the add to cart button and dynamic checkout buttons, like the buy it now button. You can turn off any one of them if you don’t need them.

Pickup availability: This block displays pickup availability information and does not offer any customization options.

Extra / Social sharing: This block allows you to show a small bit of text to encourage communication and social sharing, it also allows you to toggle Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sharing buttons.

Description: This block displays the product’s description. It offers a customizable heading.

Liquid: If you are a bit code savvy the liquid section allows you to add templating on your product using Shopify’s Liquid templating language. This block also offers a Position setting which will dictate whether it will be rendered on the left of the product page (the expandable boxes) or the right (in the product’s information area).

2. Product recommendations

The product recommendations section will display 4 products based on Shopify’s product recommendation engine, generally taking into account purchase history, product descriptions and related collections. You can easily customize the section heading and the number of products shown. The product card is configured to show the vendor and stock status. Additionally it can display the product rating as well.

If you want to display hand picked products, you can do so by clicking the Add Related product button and selecting a product. Repeat until you set all the products you wish to display. Read how to Add custom product recommendations in detail.

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