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Collection grid section

Last update:

This section was introduced in version 1.9.1

The “Collection grid” is a versatile section that presents your range of collections in a visually appealing, compact format. This tool allows you to handpick numerous collections and display them together, offering customers an easy way to explore the breadth of your product catalog.

Section settings

Heading: Set a title for this section. This is optional.

Link label + Link: With these settings you can create a link that will appear at the top right corner of your collection grid section. For example if you have used this section to showcase a list of popular collections, you can add a link to your “All collections” page.

Collections: Select the collections you wish to showcase.

Show image: Choose whether to show the collections’ featured image or not.


Number of columns on desktop: Sets the number of columns (1,2,3,4, or 5).


Color scheme: Select one of the predefined color schemes as defined in Theme settings > Colors. For more information regarding the color schemes please refer to our article about creating your own color scheme.

Section spacing

The section spacing settings gives you the option to adjust the top & bottom section spacing values. Please note: If you select a color scheme with a background color, these settings will affect the spacing between the top or bottom of the section and the content of the section.

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