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Product grid

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Products pagination: Change the normal pagination to Ajax if you don’t want page reloads on your product and search listing pages.

Two columns on mobile: When “Stack on mobile” is enabled in product-listing sections, display products in two columns instead of one. This is useful for large inventories since more products will be visible without scrolling.

Product title font: Choose between “Body font” and “Headings font” for the product titles in cards.


Show second image on hover: Product cards across all listings will reveal their second image on hover if it exists. Performance tip: If your store’s traffic is mostly through mobile devices you should keep this option off.

Image ratio: This option allows you to select the ratio of the thumbnails that will appear on your product listings (collections, search, etc). “Adapt to image” means that the ratio will be the inherent ratio of the product image (the default option). Portrait, Square, and Landscape will force the images to be displayed as portrait, square, or landscape ratios respectively.

Enable image crop: This option works in combination with the Portrait, Square, and Landscape options on the “Image ratio” setting above. When any of these options are active, disabling image crop via this setting will position the product images in the product cards such as they’re never cropped, displaying fully. This will also enable whitespace around the images where necessary. If the “Image ratio” setting is set to “Adapt image” this option has no effect.


Show “Add to cart” button: Product cards across all listings will display an “Add to cart” button. Products with multiple variant will display a “Select options” button instead.

Button style: Choose whether you want the “add to cart” buttons on the product cards to be Outlined or Solid.


Hide ratings when there are no reviews: When a product has no reviews, the star rating will be hidden in product grids such as collections, related products, etc.

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