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Add a mega menu to your main navigation

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Adding a mega menu to your main navigation is simple. Under the Header section click on “Add Mega menu”. (Please note that this feature is separate from the “Secondary menu” and applies only to the Main menu).

Click on the Mega menu item and enter the exact name of the first level menu item you would like to transform to a mega menu.

For example: Your main navigation consists of the “Tires”, “Wheels”, “Batteries” and “Car accessories” menu items. If you wanted to have “Tires” and its sub-menu to be the mega menu you would type “Tires” in the Menu item field.

Now every sub-menu of the “Tires” menu item will be displayed as a list of menu items with a heading.

Please note: For a mega menu to make sense, your top level mega menu item should have two more levels of items.

You can also add a Side item with an Image, Heading, a brief description (Text) and a Link to point to. The side item of your mega menu will always be displayed as the last item in the menu.

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