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Featured collection section

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The featured collection section is a flexible section that gives you the ability to showcase latest products from a single collection in your shop.

Section settings

Collection: Set the collection you want featured.

Number of products: Set up to 12 products to be shown on this section.

Products: Manually select the products to be displayed by the section instead of the ones displayed automatically. When this is used the “Number of products” option is ignored.

Heading: Set a title for this section. This is optional.

Link label + Link: With these settings you can create a link that will appear at the top right corner of your collection list section. For example if you have used this section to showcase a list of offers, you can add a link to a collection or page called “Offers”. The link appears as a button when the “Enable section countdown” option is checked.

Show vendor: Whether to show the vendor in each product card above the product title.

Show stock status: Whether to show the stock status of each product.

Show product rating: Whether to show the product’s rating. Please note you will need a rating app for this to work. Learn more about product ratings here.

Show collection card: Whether to show the collection card at the end of the products. This is useful if you want to link to the entire collection.

Collection Card

Options in this sub-section modify the appearance of the collection’s card, if enabled by the “Show collection card” option above. All of them are optional.

Image: Overrides the featured collection’s image.

Overlay background: Optional gradient background to be used as an overlay for the featured collection’s card (over the image and under the content). Only applies when the “Desktop layout” options is set to “Rows”.

Heading: Overrides the featured collection’s title.

Description: Overrides the featured collection’s description.

Text color: The text color of the collection’s content (title and description).

Button text: Overrides the featured collection’s button text.


Desktop layout: With the “Grid” option you can create a typical grid layout of products. A “Slider” option is also available that lets you create a simple slider layout. For this to work, the number of products selected plus the collection card (if enabled) in this section must be greater than the number of products visible as set by the following setting Number of columns on desktop. The “Rows” option, shows each product in a separate row.

Number of columns on desktop: Sets the number of columns (3-5).

Stack on mobile: By default, Maranello will try to create a flexible scrollable horizontal list of products on mobile. If you prefer to create a vertical list of products though, simply enable this option.


Color scheme: Select one of the predefined color schemes as defined in Theme settings > Colors. For more information regarding the color schemes please refer to our article about creating your own color scheme.

Section spacing

The section spacing settings gives you the option to adjust the top & bottom section spacing values. Please note: If you select a color scheme with a background color, these settings will affect the spacing between the top or bottom of the section and the content of the section.

Section countdown

You may optionally enable a countdown for this section, showing a message or hiding it completely upon expiration. In order to do so, you need to add a countdown to you collection.

Enable section countdown: Toggles the visibility of the countdown section.

Make countdown stick while scrolling: The countdown module remains visible as customers scroll down (not applicable on the “Slider” layout).

Hide section on collection’s expiration date: Hides the entire section when the countdown expires.

Description: Override the collection’s description in the countdown section.

Expiration message: Display a message to your customers if the collection’s expiration date has passed.

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