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Last items threshold: By default, Maranello has 2 main stock status indicators for product cards. “In stock” and “Out of stock”. With this setting you can create a third badge. When a variant’s inventory is less that or equal to this number, a “Only X left” badge will appear instead of the “In Stock” badge. Set to 0 to disable.

Show number of items: Enable this option if you’d like to show the quantity of products in stock badges. Please note this only applies for products that “Track quantity” is enabled and when “Continue selling when out of stock” is disabled.

Sale badge: For any products currently on sale, 2 different badge styles are available. A simple “Sale” badge and the “Percentage” badge which gives you the option to display the discount amount as a percentage. Additionally, a “None” option is also available if you prefere to hide the sale badge.

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