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How to set up the secondary menu (All Departments)

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Tokyo’s secondary menu location is built to accommodate navigation menus with many items and aid with category browsing. While it can work with any menu hierarchy, its usefuleness really stands out when used with large numbers of menu items or collections. To take advantage of this, you first need to create a nested navigation menu for your product categories.

Once the secondary menu is created, navigate to Online Store > Themes in your Shopify admin, select the Tokyo theme and click Customize.

In the theme customization page click on the Header section and scroll to Navigation in the block settings area. Under Secondary menu click Select menu and select the menu you have just created as your online store’s secondary menu.

You can change the menu’s button text from the Secondary menu button label option. You can also add a Side item with an Image, Heading, a brief description (Text) and a Link to point to. This side item is displayed when the secondary menu is expanded, and is positioned below the first level menu items.

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