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Scrolling elements section

Last update:

This section was introduced in version 1.1

The “Scrolling elements” section is designed to create a dynamic scrolling text feature on your store. This element is ideal for showcasing announcements, promotions, or important information in a manner that captures the user’s attention with a continuous scrolling effect.

Section settings

Make section full width: When toggled on, the scrolling text area will stretch to the full width of the page for a more impactful visual presentation.

Scrolling speed: Adjusts how fast the text blocks scroll across the page. The speed is measured in seconds it takes for one complete scroll.

Pause on hover: If checked, the scrolling will pause when a customer hovers their mouse over the text, allowing them to read without the distraction of movement.

Text size: Sets the font size of the scrolling text, measured in pixels. Larger text will be more prominent but may require more space.

Font: Choose between ‘Body’ and ‘Headings’ to set the font style. ‘Body’ is typically for paragraph text, while ‘Headings’ are more attention-grabbing.


Text color: This option allows you to choose the color of the scrolling text. ‘Transparent’ makes the text take on the color of the underlying background.

Color scheme: Select one of the predefined color schemes as defined in Theme settings > Colors. For more information regarding the color schemes please refer to our article about creating your own color scheme.

Section spacing

The section spacing settings gives you the option to adjust the top & bottom section spacing values.

Element block

The section consists of “Element” blocks with the following settings:

Icon: A selection of icons that can be placed alongside the text.

Text: The content of the scrolling element. This should be concise yet informative to convey the message effectively.

Link: Optionally, you can provide a URL that the text will link to, directing users to more information or a specific call to action. Optimally used with the “Pause on hover” section setting.

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