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The footer area is controlled by one major section (“Footer”) and also has support for adding a Newsletter, Features, Image banners, and a Custom liquid section.

Footer section

The footer section controls the very bottom area of your global store’s footer.

Section Settings

Language & country selectors

Control the visibility of the language and country selectors. Please note that these settings will need configuration in your store’s language and payment settings respectively.

You can read about setting up multiple languages and selling across multiple currencies in the Shopify documentation.

Show payment icons: Show or hide payment icons (credit cards or other payment methods) that you have declared you support in your store’s payment settings.

Social Media Icons

Show social media icons: Toggle the visibility of your social media icons in the footer. You can read more about how to set up social media icons here.

Follow on shop

Choose whether to show the “Follow on Shop” badge. Note that this requires Shopify payments to be active. For more information on Follow on Shop please go through the official Shopify guide.


Color scheme: All footer sections support the selection of one of the predefined color schemes as defined in Theme settings > Colors. For more information regarding the color schemes please refer to our article about creating your own color scheme.

Footer section blocks

This section accepts three block types (and up to four blocks): “Text”, and “Menu”. Using those, you can split content in your footer area up to five columns. The column adjustment is automated, meaning that if you choose to add 5 blocks the resulting content will be split into 5 columns, one for each block.


Heading: Set a title for this block (optional).

Image: Set an image to be displayed between the Heading and the Text (optional).

Image Link: Set where should your image link to (page, collection, product, external link, etc) (optional).

Custom width: Set the width of the selected image.

Text: Set a description for this block.


Heading: Set a title for this section (optional).

Menu: Choose the menu to be displayed inside the block.

Newsletter section

The footer’s Newsletter section is the same as the global Newsletter section. Please refer to the Newsletter section’s documentation.

Features section

The footer’s Features section is the same as the global Features section. Please refer to the Features section’s documentation.

Image banners section

The footer’s Image banners section is the same as the global Image banners section. Please refer to the Image banner section’s documentation.

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