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Brands A-Z page

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Use this template to organize and display a list of all vendors associated with your products in alphabetical order. Vendors are seamlessly imported into Stocky via the Vendor field from your Shopify admin product details.

Using the template

To implement the Brands A-Z page template, simply create a new page and select the “brands-az” template from the Theme Template dropdown menu on the right side of the screen. You can create a new page through the Pages menu located under the Online Store sales channel in your Shopify Admin.

Template contents

This template features a singular Brands section with an option to hide the page header if desired. It automatically generates an alphabetical index based on the first letter of each vendor (brand) name in your store. The vendors are then organized into groups beneath this list. Clicking on a letter in the index filters the display to show only the vendors that begin with that selected letter.

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