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This template is identical to the default page template, with the only difference being that it allows you to use the full width of your site to display your content. This is especially useful when your content includes large images or wide tables.

In contrast, the Default page template displays your content in a narrow, centered format.

Using the template

To utilize the Full width page template, create a new page (or edit an existing one) and apply the fullwidth template from the Theme template drop down on the right hand side of the screen. You can create a new page from the Pages menu under the Online Store sales channel in your Shopify Admin. During page creation use the Content box to add any textual or other rich content you’d like to display on your full width page, such as images, tables, and more.

Page section settings

Hide page heading and subheading: Control the visibility of the page’s heading and subheading.

Subheading: Optionally add a subheading for the page. Connect this field to a dynamic source to show a different subheading per page.

Subheading size: Choose the text size of the subheading (Small, Normal, Large).

Make subheading fullwidth: Enable this option to adapt the subheading to span its container’s full width. By default the subheading’s width is limited.

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