Designed to host even the most demanding product inventories

This is Maranello.


Maranello has been meticulously engineered for high performance, particularly for stores with extensive inventories. Whether you’re managing a small boutique or a large warehouse, Maranello provides the efficiency and scalability you need to run a cost-effective operation. Your customers will benefit from numerous product discovery paths, including an enhanced search function, advanced product filters, recommended product features, and comprehensive mega menus. These features not only streamline the shopping process but also make it effortless for your customers to find and buy the products they desire.

With 21 customizable sections, you have the freedom to tailor your pages and highlight your special deals or seasonal offers with ease. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to build or modify your pages across your store without any need for coding expertise. Customers will appreciate the seamless navigation on both mobile and desktop platforms, enabled by our advanced adaptive design.


  • 2 locations for mega menus

    Maranello provides two mega menu locations. This unique feature allows you to organize your extensive product categories effectively and intuitively, giving your customers a seamless and effortless browsing experience.

  • Enhanced search function

    Users can progressively refine their search through a series of dropdown menus, which dynamically update based on previous selections. This streamlined approach makes it straightforward for customers to pinpoint the exact products they are looking for.

  • Metafields in product grid

    Display metafields within the collection template. This enables a more customized showcase of your products by displaying additional specific information right on the collection page, enhancing your customers’ browsing experience and decision-making process

  • Inline banners

    Maranello offers a feature to seamlessly incorporate inline banners within your product grid. This allows you to highlight promotions, special offers, or key messages right amidst your products, ensuring maximum visibility and effective customer engagement

Theme presets.


This theme is great for

  • Dropshippers

    Designed specifically for dropshippers

  • High-volume stores

    Designed for stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period

  • Physical stores

    Designed for stores that do in-person selling

Cart and checkout

  • Slide-out cart
    Cart notes
    In-store pickups

Marketing and conversion

  • Recommended products
    Store locator

Promotional content

  • Promo banners
    In-menu promos
    Product badges

Trust and social proof

  • Product reviews
    FAQ page
    Trust badges


  • High-resolution images
    Images galleries
    Image rollover
    Image zoom

Product details

  • Product videos
    Product tabs
    Shipping/delivery information

Product discovery

  • Mega menu
    Collection page navigation
    Enhanced search
    Product filtering and sorting
    Sticky header
    Recommended products


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